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Bones & Knives

Recording Studio


Recording at Bones & Knives will be unlike any experience you've ever had in a studio!

"I didn't really know what I wanted as a sound, but Terry did and I couldn't be happier with what we produced".


     I studied classical, jazz, and composition on full scholarship in college. I've been playing in bands for the better part of 40 years. in that period I've played 'live' with many notables such as rockabilly legend Link Wray, pop and gospel vocalist Maria Muldaur, jazz B3 icon Tony Monaco, As a member of Daddy-O, we baqcked The Drifters, The Coasters, The Platters, The Marvelettes, Al Wilson, and Motown pioneer, Mary Wells, to name a few....I've recorded drums for Giraffe, Kevin Gilbert, and Robert Ferris. I recorded drums, percussion, and backing vocals with the British Progressive rock band, Camel and continue to co-write songs with their front man, Andy Latimer. One of our songs, “Guitars” , was also turned into a rock video and was picked as an 'Official Selection” at 15 film festivals worldwide (see link under 'samples'). I've also performed with The Beach Boys' Al Jardine, Johnny Lee, Norton Buffalo, Jewel Akens. and Carey Ott, whose recordings from this studio have been featured on TV shows like "Grey's Anatomy" and "Unnecessary Roughness". I play the part of Ringo in the touring cast of The Reunion,who's records I also produced here at BnK. Most recently, I was commisioned by my buddy and client, Sean Mendelson, who's dad is the late-great Lee Mendelson, the original producer of the iconic Peanuts Cartoons, to remix over 150 original Vince Guaraldi recordings from his Charlie Brown cartoon soundtracks. Normal words do not describe the feeling of opening up these 50+ year old tracks and getting to remix them as a proper jazz album! Breathtaking! So you'll just have to wait to hear them once they're released! They're due out on vinyl, CD, and of course, all the streaming platforms iin early 2024. 


When not gigging or recording, I teach music privately at The Starving Musician in Santa Clara, Ca. I see 30 students a week, mostly for the drumset, in one of the coolest and best-equipped studios in Northern California. I've been teaching for almost 35 years and have had the luxury of seeing students go on to study music in colleges, including Berklee School of Music, as well as going on to achieve great things in the music business including getting record deals, touring, etc. 

Terry Carleton

Terry Carleton

Producer / Engineer / Session Cat / Teacher / Author / Director

I'm an an avid guitar collector and as such, I found myself a gig, Tthanks to matt Blackett, as a contributing writer for the well-respected trade magazine, “Guitar Player” (both in print and online) for columns called “Vintage Vault","Pawnshop Prize", and for the last 15 years, “Whack Job”.


B&K is a studio like no other. It is technically a "home studio" but only in the most abstract sense of the term. If you want to be comfortable by the surroundings of cool vibes, and be inspired by hundreds of albums, instruments, toys, and more, then this is where you go to record. Simply put, there is no place like Bones & Knives except for being here.


This studio is a permanent extension of my home. So while recording, you will most definitely meet my wife, my dog the cat, and potentially the mailman (long story). In the warmer months, you can enjoy taking a break and sitting outside by our pool while we strategize the next track. But most importantly, this studio is a dedicated space to create where I've recorded hundreds , if not thousands of songs over the years.


As you'll see just from looking at a few of the pictures on the site. I have just about every kind of musical, noise-making, thing you would ever need to make an album (ok, maybe not EVERYthing, but I DO have a marching machine!). Working from analog to digital and sometimes back again, I have classic amps, drums complete with, a library shelf of snares, acoustic and elctric guitars, basses, and then a lot of instruments that can't even be described but should be seen. There are sound banks upon sound banks, tons of cool mics and mic pre's, as well as some very cool keyboards, including a Mellotron 4000D , and a Knabe vertical upright baby grand. At the end of my very analog chain, every track gets converted to a high-rez WAV file. As such, one can bring in files from home, take files out for sweetening elswhere, or send out to anywhere in the world to get a friend or a specialist to add a track remotely. 


With a dedicated vocal isolation booth, a sound stage for recording amps, drums, and more, the engineering is also a room where we can personally work together to find that perfect fit. There are SO many options! If you want to know about a specific production sound or processing gear,etc, just email me and I'm happy to geek out on gear.


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